About Us

Morse code is an encrypted way of communication that no third person can read/hear. Our team has decided to design a tool that can help people learn morse code. Hence, we bring this handy tool named "Morse Coder".

Samuel F.B Morse invented the morse code. At the time of World War II, the US military used it to communicate secretly for weapons. Morse code is still in use for aviation and maritime shipping. Today, amateur radio operators use morse code to exchange emergency signals.

We are trying to make people aware of the history of communication through our Morse Coder. We develop this tool to educate people. There are many courses available on the web that teach morse code. But, using our tool, you can practically apply your code and generate the output. Also, radio operator trainees can use our tool to learn morse code and practice daily. It makes it easier for them to run code with no risk. Also, law colleges can use our morse coder for training purposes.

Our Purpose

We hope you will enjoy learning morse code with our morse coder. Our purpose is to design handy tools that can help or users learn something new and brainstorm new ideas. Our research team is working hard to provide you with additional features. New modes like the audio decoder, morse code timer, morse code keyer are about to come. So, Keep visiting.

Educating people by means of technology is our sole purpose. Cultivating new ideas using historical stories is our ultimate goal.