Morse Code to English

Morse Code to English

Convert any Morse code in US English using Morse code to English tool easily. You do not need any advanced device like a telegraph to write and decode the morse code in the English languages. Also, use our English to Morse code translator to translate English letters, numbers, text into international Morse.

Morse code is written in Latin, Greek, and English. There is a different pattern of '-' and’.’ For different languages. But this Morse code tool will only decode Morse code in the English language. The tool will not decode it correctly if you write morse code in a different language. If you do so, the result will appear in the # format.

Features of Morse Code to English

  • Uses the International Morse Code standard
    The Morse Code to English follows all the rules and regulations according to the International Morse Code standard. Moreover, there is no doubt regarding the accuracy while using the Morse code to English tool.
  • Challenge levels test and consolidate your knowledge
    You can also challenge yourself and test at the different levels that will enhance your knowledge to use the tool and effectively understand the Morse code.
  • Morse Decoder
    It can decode morse code alphabets, numbers, symbols, Q codes, abbreviations, words and phrases, callsigns, procedure signs (prosigns), etc. at the time of the code conversion process.

Better Configuration Options

Many types of configuration options are available at the Morse Code to English. Users can check them and use them as per their requirements

  • Adjustable speed
    New users benefit from doing the speed adjustments according to their preference from 5 WPM to 45 WPM on the Morse Code to English tool. In the beginning, things will remain too complicated to understand the code requirements. Therefore, users get the facility to make the adjustments in the speed and do the configuration, as they want to do it.
  • Adjustable sound frequency 400 to 1000 Hz
    Once the Morse Code has completed the translation work on the code, you can listen to the code through the audio mode. The user will not face any issue understanding the code and can listen to it multiple times. It comes with an adjustable sound facility from 400 Hz to 1000 Hz.
  • Adjustable difficulty level for sending the Morse code
    You can adjust the difficulty levels while sending the morse code on the website. It is some of the user configurations that the user will like to do while using the website for code conversion purposes. These configurations can happen while you prepare the code and add it to the website for conversion.
  • Ability to reset mistakes and levels
    The Morse Code to English is useful as it comes with multiple configuration options to reset the mistakes at the multiple levels at the time of the code conversions.
  • Adjustable Farnsworth speed
    Tweak some settings in Farnsworth speed to adjust the space between letters and words. The user can start using the tool to make all the adjustments regarding the speed according. It is easy to do the speed adjustments to understand the code initially properly. Soon, the user will become customary to the codes and symbols can understand them easily. Make the changes on the Farnworth speed to do the Morse code conversion.