Morse Code Number

What are Morse Code Numbers?

Morse code is a transmission messaging method that wires your confidential message using a standard form of long or short pulses, dashes, dots, numerical, special characters, letters, etc.

A tool called a telegraph key is mainly used for morse code numbers. However, a skilled sender can create stronger codes, and the receiver must know how to interpret them.

How to write Numbers in Morse code?

Learning morse code language is not as difficult as your worries. The method is relatively easy and exciting; it demands the operator's concentration. We want to showcase a few techniques of mastery of this code language.

  1. Morse code is applied to single digit numbers, that is, 0 to 9. There is a different morse code for each of these 10 numbers, which are very easy to learn and keep in mind.
  2. The morse code numbers is generated in the form of dots and dashes, with a total 5 of them.
  3. The morse code starts with 0, entirely in dashes. That is, 0= (➖➖➖➖➖). Note that in the total 5 number of places, which is the standard format of Morse Code, are entirely filled in by dashes
  4. As we move on to 1, the first dash will be replaced by a dot, which will result in 1= (・➖➖➖➖).
  5. Similarly, from 2 to 5, with advancement is each digit, each dash from the beginning with a dot.
  6. On 5, the Morse Code will look like (・・・・・).
  7. On reaching 6, The morse code for 5 will be used as a model, and the morse code for 6 will be generated by replacing the first dot in the model code with a dash. Thus, Morse code of 6= (➖・・・・)
  8. This same cycle goes on till 9, replacing the next dot with a dash. The result will be:
    a) 0= (➖➖➖➖➖)
    b) 1= (・➖➖➖➖)
    c) 2= (・・➖➖➖)
    d) 3= (・・・➖➖)
    e) 4= (・・・・➖)
    f) 5= (・・・・・)
    g) 6= (➖・・・・)
    h) 7= (➖➖・・・)
    i) 8= (➖➖➖・・)
    j) 9= (➖➖➖➖・)

Situation to use Morse Code Numbers tool

To share personal details like phone no or bank account numbers secretly

Sharing personal credentials related to finance can do nothing but lead to danger. Use morse code Numbers to share these credentials because not everyone can crack the code.

In IT industries

IT is one of the essential areas representing our future technology; showcasing loopholes will do nothing but doom this industry. Therefore, using advanced methods to transmit the messages is a secure way. Many IT industries use morse code to prevent outside hackers from stealing their data. Many companies can communicate between business using morse code to keep their IP’s Secured. Morse code Numbers can be used to hide sensitive details from cyber attackers.

To share OTPs or security codes in an encrypted way

Many governments and security firms use the morse code method to share security codes and OTPs with their informed individuals. Morse code numbers keeps their data protected. Further, it is applicable for banking OTPs or a firm's security codes.

For private lifestyle

Some individuals do not want to reveal their scores or personal data in public. For them, the morse code numbers is a blessing in disguise.

To play games

Increase your skills by adding morse code numbers in your daily habits or games. Exchanging information with your friends in morse code can help you identify the message. This can also add an advantage to career growth.

How to use Number Morse Coder?

To use the Number Morse Coder, Follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Copy the number you want to find the morse code for.
  2. Visit "Morse Code Numbers" from on your browser.
  3. You will land on the homepage of the website.
  4. On the homepage, you will see two frames, one is the 'Input Frame' and the other, 'Output Frame'.
  5. Paste the number you have copied into the frame that says 'Input Here'.
  6. The morse code will be generated instantly. You can play the code in audio format, or download the output.
  7. Similarly, you can convert Morse code into the Numers or alphanumeric format by simply pasting or typing the morse code into the 'Input'.


A telegraph key is a unique tool to code the message, requiring a specific skill set. Tapping on the device is not sufficient. The operator must know when and how to end the words to interpret the message. The frequency of the coder helps the receiver to decode the message.

Morse code Numbers Chart

Usage of morse code numbers is easier than it looks. Go to morse Code Chart to learn more about How to write Number in Morse Code. Here in the box, paste or write the desired output and either it will code the numbers or decode the numbers.

Numbers Morse Code
1 .----
2 ..---
3 ...--
4 ....-
5 .....
6 -....
7 --...
8 ---..
9 ----.
10 .---- -----

You can also listen to More code sound

A complete theory of mode code sound works on the audio and frequency. Transmission of message arrives in higher, medium, and lower frequency sounds. Also, it is calculated through the speed of frequencies. An audio version is available on the website to convert the code into sound.

Expert Thoughts

Morse code number is a traditional method to interpret the message most confidentially. However, it requires expertise to decode and code the message. Many companies are still using morse code numbers to analyze personal data.