Morse Code Translator for (---)

What is “---" In Morse Code?

There are two types of the signals used in the Morse code. It includes dots and dashes. Furthermore, --- in the Morse Code indicates O. 26 basic Latin letters are there in the International Morse Code. No distinction is available in the upper and lower case letters.

Sound Of “---" in Morse Code

It is the artificially created enhanced sound of --- which is “O” in the word Morse code. It is sound designed in an artificial way. Sound of --- is like dah-dah-dah. If you speak code in dah-dah-dah, the morse code translator audio will convert it into “O”.

How to blink “---" In Morse code?

To blink “-” in morse code with your eyes, simply open and close your eyes with 1 Second of pause. Do this 3 times for 3 dash. In such a way you can blink “---” in morse code.

There are two basic signals, which are making the entire Morse code in the alphabet. It includes the use of the dots and dashes. The symbolization of the dots is as the period that represents the quick and rapid signals. On the other hand, the dashes are longer signs that symbolize the hyphen representing the low type of the signals. There are the simple ways by which you can do the representation of the dots and dashes in the Morse code.

How to say “---" In Morse Code?

A general rule of thumb follows with the representation of the dots and dashes. Dashes take around three times more time than the dots. The timing difference between the dots and dashes should count the length of the dot in that case. On the other hand, we represent --- represent as O in the Morse code. You can say dah-dah-dah to speak “---” in morse code.

Which Number has “---" In Mode

The number 2 in the Morse Code has represented as ..--- and number the 8 as ---.. in the Morse Code format. Number 2 and 8 has “---” in Morse Code Numbers in which 2 has “---” signal after “..” where as “---” signal is before “..” signal.

“---" In Punctuation

Besides, when writing “:” in morse code, --- appeared in signals. Punctuation mark of “:” is written as “---…” in morse code, in which --- signal comes before “…” signal.

Difference Between "-” and "_ "

The two symbols such as "-” and "_" considered as the dash in the Morse code. Moreover, we check in the Morse code format then, there is no difference in their representation. The – represents T and _ is representing T. The two dashes have no difference as they represent the alphabet T in the Morse code format. We use two of them to translate them and it delivers the similar results.

Variations of Morse Code using “---"

We have placed the “.” Symbol in the last of the dash symbol "---" then, it will represent a new letter i.e. Ö. If you put “.” In between --- like “--.-” or “-.--”, then you will receive output as Q and Y respectively.

Difference between "-" "--" "---" and "----" and "-----" in Morse Code?

The ‘-‘ represents T in the Morse code format. On the other hand, "--" is representing the alphabet M in the Morse Code format. Furthermore, "---" is O and "-----" is 0. Regular Four dash in morse code will generate Å as a result. There is difference in the dashes appearing as they are representing different types of the alphabets in the Morse Code format.