Morse Code Translator for (--)

What is “--" In Morse Code?

The two dashes -- in the Morse Code are the letter M. Furthermore; it is the first letter of the Morse. The International Morse Code can encode around 26 basic Latin letters, which includes A to Z and Arabic numbers.

What is the Sound Of “--"

Sound of Morse Code “--" (Double Dash) is like “dah-dah.” You will listen to longer beep while listening to morse code audio of “--".

The beep sound comes for the long dash. The long beep sound comes when sending and receiving the messages when the dash is used in that case. On the other hand, the short beep sound comes while sending and receiving the messages when the messages are sent using the dot. Sometimes there is a combination of the dots and dashes to prepare the messages and send them.

How long is - in Morse code?

The dash duration is in the Morse code is three times that of the dot. Furthermore, the space between the two signs of the same character is equal to the dot’s length in it. There are no strict rules associated with the Morse Code. On the other hand, the signals come in that way only in which the dash duration is around three times more than the dot duration.

How to blink “--" In Morse code?

To blink “-” in morse code with your eyes, simply open and close your eyes with 1 Second of pause. Do this 2 times for double dash. In such a way you can blink “--” in morse code.

How to say “--" In Morse code?

The -- is the alphabet M in the Morse code. Place the pencil when you start listening to the Morse code. You have to move down whenever the dot comes and call it DIT. On the other hand, the dashes coming in the Morse code call it DAH. You will say “--" as DAH DAH in the Morse Code.

Which Number has “--"

There are different signals to write numbers in morse code. The two numbers 3 and 7 contain -- in the Morse code format. Furthermore, the Morse Code of number 3 is …--. On the other hand, the representation of number 7 in the Morse code is --… in the format. The -- comes at the beginning of the number 3 and the last of 7.

Importance of "-" or Dash in Morse code

Dashes "-" are important in the Morse code to send long messages that represent the alphabets and numbers. The dots and dashes combine to receive the messages.

Morse Code holds the ability to convey messages using only a few words. There are the dots and dashes that make the Morse code alphabet. The symbolization of the dots is related to the periods representing the quick signals when sending the messages. Moreover, the dashes are longer, which symbolizes the hyphen and represents the low form of the signal in it. It discusses the Morse code blinking then, dots and dashes representation is to send the messages. The time is spent blinking the Morse code alphabets, i.e. dots and dashes. It follows the general thumb rule that dashes should remain three times longer than the dots.